Amazon Collages

Amazon Collages

All these items can be paired with each other separate for different looks of the week & the best part is this is all comfy fits that I am all for! Links HERE!


Amazon Storefront for Winter Tops HERE 


Valentines Gift Ideas HERE 

Legging Uggs Pullovers

Love this photo, this is my go to just about every weekend. The hoodie is warm & I love the green, this Bulova Watch is my all time favorite & have been wearing these watches for the last 7 years. Ugg boots, need I say more?

Leggings are best sellers & I love the fact that I can dress it up or down,

Links for my Go Getters HERE!



Oh my all time favorite - leggings!! The warmth, fleece, neutral colors, dress up dress down..can it get any better? I love who invented all of these items because as a mom of 4, I love to dress nice but I want to be comfortable in my styllish ways also! Links HERE!

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